Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 396

Breakfast (700): ham cheese apple muffin (250)

Snack (1000-1100): String Cheese (80) and an apple (80)

Lunch (200): Chicken breast with onion/rice/cheese casserole and green beans (360)

Snacks (500-600): half a piece of apple cake (150), banana muffin (120), almonds (100), tortilla (55), chicken (50), tomato, lettuce.  Overate.  I think because I was really ready for dinner, but didn't want to fill up before jogging.  May be time to head back into the gym... I can go there later, even after it gets dark.  Right now there a very slim time frame were it not too hot, but also still ilght enough to see!

Jogged: Walked 0.5 to warm up, jogged 2.5 in 25:30, walked 1.0 to cool down.  Rougher than usual.  I think mostly because I already felt like crap today.  Only slept 3 hours... tired and cranky today.  But I ran anyways!  Plus I ate a bit too much and accidentally fell asleep right before jog.  Made me feel crappier. 

Dinner (900): slice of bread (80), 100cal of PB, a banana (80), almonds (50), cottage cheese (80) and cantaloupe (80)

Daily Total: 1715

Day 395

Headed to Panera to work again... looked up breakfast menu.  Not a lot of good options.  Fortunately (?), I took so long to get there it was 11am by the time I was ordering, so I just ordered lunch.  Hungry! 

Breakfast/Lunch (1100am): Lemon Orzo Soup (180) and a Thai Chicken salad (200) I like the thai salad even better than the fuji apple.  Oh, and multi grain baguette today (180)  I ate this all over like 2 hours...  Ordered a free frozen lemonade at 1pm (100) because the server was going off shift, but didn't really feel like it too much.  It's good, but I could have waited.  I added it to my ice tea.

Left at 7pm !  :O

Stopped at parents... ate half a piece of apple cake (150) half a small banana muffin (80) and a small serving of fritos (120)

Left around 8... not hungry. But felt bad about not really eating a nutritious dinner.  So I defrosted some pre-made mexican shredded chicken.  About 2 oz.  Picked out what appeared to be fat or skin pieces.  Added it to lettuce, tomato, red pepper, ff sour cream, and a tortilla.  Total: 200 - 250

Ate the remaining half of a lemon cupcake.  (200)

Daily Total: 1435

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day 394

Breakfast (900): 2 eggs (140), < 1oz cheese (100), toast (80) and ham (70)  Not the best breakfast... wasnt the tastiest either. 

Snack (sorta, really right after bfast): toast with jam (100)

Snack (1130): two cheese cake bites (150)

Lunch(145): @ Panera -- Cup of Lemon Orzo CHiicken soup (180) with baguette (160?)

DInner (600): Still at Panera (working), ate the other half of lunch -- Fuji Apple Chicken salad with dressing on side (still count 200).  Also had an iced coffee with a tiny tiny bit of half and half (40)

Love those particular choices at Panera... Could eat every week and just might.  Works well to sit there and do work. 

Jog (730 - 810):  Walked 0.8 total to warm up and cool down.  Pace was slightly under 14 min mile.  JOgged 3.2 mi in 32:15.  Still just about a 10 min-mile.  Dont know whether to work on speed or distance next... ???

Ate carrots and hummus (80) and half a cupcake (150)

Daily Total: 1450

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day 393

Breakfast(900): Sauteed zuke, onion, mushrooma nd red pepper.  Scrambled one egg and topped one slice of wheat toast with half an ounce of cheddar. (70+80+60+veggies = 250ish)

Lunch(): Stuffed Peppers (350)

Snacks: carrots and hummus (100) mighta had something else too, cant remember

DInner: Steak (250) with rice (300) and grilled veggies (100? there were a lot!)

Cupcake (300?)

Daily Total: 1650 + ? maybe

Friday, September 2, 2011

Day 392

Breakfast: Ham and Cheese strata (380)

Snack: Yogurt (200) and grapes (50)

Lunch(130): Chicken burrito bowl JT (350) with a tortilla (50)

Dinner:  3! slices of really thin crust margherita pizza, plus half a slice of a fig/balsamic and half a slice of a pesto -- no idea on calories, but not super thick or heavy with toppings... so... 700?  Plus a blood orange martini (200) and a glass of wine (150)

A shot of bubble gum vodka mixed with whip creme vodka (not so good.) (150) and A shot of whip cream vodka mixed with a bit of OJ (amazing!) (150)

Caved and got a burger at In and Out.  (200)

Daily Total: 2580!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 391

Breakfast (700): Ham Muffin (250)

Snack (1100): Carrots and an apple (110)

Lunch (130): Polenta Bake (330)

Daily TOtal: 690

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 390

Breakfast(645): Coconut French Toast Bake iwth turkey sausage (380)

Lunch(1200):  Sauteed veggies (eggplant, zuke, onion, red pepper, spinach, brussels sprouts) with almonds (50) and 3oz (cooked) of london broil (200?)

Carrots iwth hummus (100)
Tortilla with turkey breast and cheese and almonds (250)
Ice cream (120)

Walked half a mile, jogged 2.65 miles in 26:30 and walked another half.  Was sort of anxious to get out and run -- weird.  Didn't feel great today, but okay.  Shorter because I got a late start -- it got dark.

Dinner(1030):  Tortilla with turkey breast, artichoke dip , and almonds (200) with carrots and hummus (100)  And a small handful of potato chips (100)

Daily Tiotal:1550